2 Days in Nice

April 26, 2016 • By

The moment you arrive in Nice, the town will dig its way inside your heart. It could happen while exploring cobblestone alleyways in Vieux Nice, picking out a soft peach at the open-air market, or gazing out at the bright blue waters of Nice’s stone beach from the top of Parc du Chateau. With 2 days in Nice, it won’t take long to discover just how nice Nice is.

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Welcome to the Military Family: Let’s Get Started

April 21, 2016 • By

You and your partner are married the moment you exchange vows, rings, and a kiss in front of friends and family. And when you pass through the sword arch together, stealing a kiss for your right of passage, you are leaving your civilian life behind with each step. Until with a swift tap on the rear you are welcomed wholeheartedly into this huge military family.

what do I do after a military wedding

Welcome to the world of a military spouse. You will be eligible to a bevy of benefits spanning from shopping at the commissary to free healthcare. In order to access these benefits, you need to take the energy you spent meeting with caterers, addressing invitations in perfect looping script and transfer that drive into walking around base and filling out stacks of paperwork.


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A San Diego Strawberry Picking Adventure

April 14, 2016 • By

Spring is here and the San Diego strawberry fields are calling out for Hufflepuffs of all ages to visit. Why Hufflepuffs you ask? Simply because the art of berry picking combines everything that Hufflepuffs naturally excel at; finding, snacking, and making treats to share with friends. So, unleash your inner Hufflepuff and join us on a San Diego strawberry picking adventure!

Where to pick strawberries in San Diego


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Women in Travel Summit 2016 Takeaways

April 12, 2016 • By

After spending two crazy weeks backpacking through France, we were inspired to start a blog with the simple idea to share our adventures and travel tips. This idea quickly transformed into months of planning, until we finally launched Aloha Olonas on March 8th of this year. During our first month, we waded into the ocean of travel blogging and were hit by one huge wave of knowledge — The 2016 Women in Travel Summit.

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