Aloha and Welcome to Our Blog

March 8, 2016 • By

Hello, we’re the Olonas, a newlywed couple with a passion for travel, culture, and food.

We created Aloha Olonas as a way to document and share our adventures while we explore our new locale of San Diego, surrounding cities, and beyond.

Hello Aloha Olona

So why Aloha Olonas?

Other than the obvious slant rhyme, we wanted to include our last name (the part that makes us a team) and a welcoming message to our readers, “Aloha!”

In Hawaiian, “aloha” has a variety of meanings including peace, compassion, and a greeting of hello and goodbye. Our Aloha is meant to say hello and goodbye between our trips and to greet all our readers with open arms.

Who are you guys?

Gerred is a Navy pilot and Shannon is a writer. Together, we are weekend warriors seeking positivity in life. We’ve been fortunate to call San Diego our home for a year now and are happily involved in both the military and creative communities. Want to know more? Check out our about page.

olona plant touchardia latifolia illustration

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What on Earth is an Olona?

Good question. Aside from being our last name, Olona or Touchardia Latifolia is a flowering shrub that ancient Hawaiians used as cordage for tying weaponry and stringing shark teeth around their neck. Pretty cool, huh?

Join us and we’ll share with you:

  • Recent Trips:  We just traveled to Seattle, France, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Big Sur, and all around South America in the past year. So we have a lot to share.
  • Guides: From what to pack for 2 weeks backpacking through France, to a local’s guide for food in San Diego – we’ve got you covered.
  • Life: Expect to learn little tidbits of our life as we share our creative interests and active lifestyle.

Aloha Olonas, welcome to our blog, aloha

We plan to share our stories and help fellow travelers along the way with each new post. So grab your passport and come along for the ride!

Aloha and welcome to our blog, Aloha Olonas.