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5 Inspiring L.A. Restaurants to Try

March 16, 2016 • By

Visiting Los Angeles? Don’t be afraid to embrace the hip side of L.A. and dine in style. Our goal is to always look out for new and unique restaurants wherever we go. During our trip, we made sure to stop by inspiring L.A. restaurants that called to us with intimacy, glamour, and class.

Read on to discover some hidden foodie gems located in the gastronomic gold mine of L.A.

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Luques is a truly intimate restaurant. Wrap yourself in a booth and you’ll forget there’s anyone else there. Grab one of their custom drinks that provide a spin on old classics like the Five Card Cash, and take a bite into their smooth and luscious food that’ll instantly put you in a coma. We ordered the braised short ribs and the lamb chops scottadito.

+ Tip: Want to recreate a meal at home? Lucques has cookbooks.

Firefly, L.A. Restaurant, Hollywood Restaurant


Hidden in plain sight in a shroud of vines, Firefly can be easily overlooked by the untrained eye. The interior has a lounge surrounded by a library of books. We were seated out on the patio at a draped off table. We were perfectly secluded from the rest of the restaurant which was perfect for an anniversary dinner.

The whole design of the restaurant was stunning. The food was picturesque; the chef was truly an artist and the plate his canvas. We ordered the big eye tuna tartare for our appetizer and had gnocchi and prime dry aged New York steak. The gnocchi was frothy and delicious and it took every ounce of restraint not to suck the marrow from the bone at the table. Trust us, we wanted to.

Firefly, L.A. Restaurant, Trendy L.A. Restaurant, Hollywood Restaurant

Seven Grand

We are a whisky duo, there’s no denying that and so we were right at home at Seven Grand. The place is designed like an old Scottish hunting lodge with deer heads and sci-fi movies playing in the background. We had a manhattan and a whisky sour (made the right way with an egg) and really got into the end scene of Queen of Outer Space.

+ Trivia: For Nancy Drew fans out there, I’m fairly certain the woman in the mask from Queen of Outer Space was the inspiration for Minette from Danger by Design.

Bottega Louie, Brunch, L.A. RestaurantBottega Louie, L.A. Restaurant, Macarons

Bottega Louie

Clean, crisp, white and very open, Bottega Louie is New York in L.A. I felt like Eloise at the Plaza. This place is perfect for brunch or a midnight dessert (for which we stopped on both occasions.) For brunch, Gerred had a lobster benedict hash and I had a millefeuille salmon. The millefeuille is a light and flaky lox bagel that blew my little breakfast mind.

+ Tip: the Millefeuille sells out almost immediately for breakfast, so get there early!

For dessert, pick up macarons (ah it just takes us right back to Paris) or indulge in a tall chocolate pastry. Or do both (we did!)


Malibu Farm

Thinking healthy? Stop by Malibu Farm for organic food and juices right on the pier in Malibu. We had a vegetarian sandwich and a quesadilla. We ordered a mint lemonade that was so good we ordered another. While enjoying lunch we gazed out across the water and watched the waves roll in, crashing novice surfers into the crystal blue bliss.

Remembering all these restaurants really made us hungry. I may need to try to recreate some of these recipes soon, or perhaps we’ll just return to Los Angeles for more!

Know any L.A. restaurants we should check out next time we’re in town? Let us know in the comments.