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A San Diego Strawberry Picking Adventure

April 14, 2016 • By

Spring is here and the San Diego strawberry fields are calling out for Hufflepuffs of all ages to visit. Why Hufflepuffs you ask? Simply because the art of berry picking combines everything that Hufflepuffs naturally excel at; finding, snacking, and making treats to share with friends. So, unleash your inner Hufflepuff and join us on a San Diego strawberry picking adventure!

Where to pick strawberries in San Diego


Let me take you down cause I’m going to strawberry fields.

Go Big

Out of the many strawberry fields in San Diego county, we chose to visit U-Pick Carlsbad Strawberry Company in Carlsbad, CA. Once we arrived at the strawberry field, our first order of business was to choose a vessel for our strawberries. We were given two options; choose either a regular one-person bucket for $10 or a two-person 83-ounce large bucket for $20.

Tip: This is a no-brainer. Choose the large bucket and fill that sucker to the brim and then some. You’ll have more room with the large bucket than you would with two regular buckets. That’s more bang for your bucket!

San Diego strawberry fieldsU-Pick Carlsbad Strawberry Company

The Hunt

Make a beeline for the back row and survey your territory. Channel Hufflepuff greats like Nancy Drew and Hercule Poirot as you scan the wet earth and leaves for bursts of red. Once your prey is in your sights, squat down low to the soil and snap it off the vine and into your bucket.

Tip: Wear closed-toed shoes, perfect for meandering through the muddy fields.

Snack Time

The price at the beginning may be alarming at first, but the charm of U-Pick Carlsbad Strawberry Company is that you can eat whatever you pick from the field. This concept changes the whole game from a hunting and gathering mission to a full-on fruity buffet. Between treasure hunts, take the time to stop for a sweet smackerel, that way you leave with both full bellies and buckets.

Tip: Bring a bottle of water to rinse off the berries and wet wipes for sticky fingers and red mouths.

strawberry pickingstrawberry jam

Pump up the Jam

When life gives you strawberries; make jam. However, strawberries alone don’t make the jam. You’ll need a few extra tools and ingredients, and a killer strawberry jam recipe.

+ Tip: If you’re a keyboard shortcut kind of guy or gal and want things to move a lot faster, invest in a strawberry huller.

After a long day picking clean strawberry fields and making homemade jam, you’ll understandably want to relax. We suggest marathoning all the Harry Potter films in anticipation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with strawberry scones and your homemade jam!